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Keep your PC tuned to perfection. Flush out the excess data and excess apps

The following yearly recommendations are intended for advanced desktop and notebook PC users and should only be completed after following the initial, weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance tasks. These tasks will also alleviate any of the common signs of spyware infection including long boot up times, apps opening up or closing down on their own, or hijacked browsers. It will also help if your PC is misbehaving.

Back up all of your data

Do backup your data prior to reinstalling your operating system, applications, and hardware drivers. Please see the weekly recommended tasks section for your desktop or notebook PC.

Re-install your operating system and drivers

Do collect and save software drivers for any third party hardware which may have been added to your system after initially purchasing it.

Do follow the system recovery or restore procedures specific to your model desktop or notebook PC to reinstall a fresh operating system.

Don't waste a lot of time trying to repair a hopelessly infected windows installation.  It can take more time to clean off the corrupted files than it takes to back up your data and install a fresh copy of Windows with the latest service pack and drivers.

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Re-install your applications and third party hardware

Do follow the restore instructions for your model desktop or notebook PC.

Do follow the manufacture's installation instructions for any third party software or hard ware which was not provided from hp on your original system.

Don't connect to the internet until you have turned on and configured the built-in windows firewall or installed a third party firewall to protect your system.

Re-install your personal data

Don't copy data files from your old system until the fresh installation of your new system and applications is fully protected and updated.